Very easy macrame feather, made with recycled cotton macrame yarn.


Recycled super bulky macrame yarn

Written Instructions:

Cut the middle piece of string that is about 35 inches (89 cm) long. This piece will be the center piece of yarn and will run along the center of the feather and the 30 pieces will wrap around this long piece of yarn. Fold it in half.

Cut 28 pieces of yarn – each piece is 15 inches (38 cm) long

Attach one piece (15 inches-38 cm) on the left, one piece on the right (15 inches-38 cm), and so on. Repeat this process until 28 pieces of yarns attached. Attach these pieces of rope to your center piece using Larks Head knots.

Larks Head Knot: Fold the piece of yarn in half, the loop in the middle is the center, place the loop vertically under the center piece and pull the tail ends through the loop and secure it tightly.

Tie the two middle strands at the very bottom, so it’s secure.

Cut the excessive pieces.

Brushing out the string

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