Hi everyone,

This bag has turned out really beautiful. It’s very strong, durable, and looks very attractive and lovely. It’s made with 100 % cotton yarn and made the flowers first and connected together, after that continued in spiral on top adding the handle. The step by step tutorial is below, I also attached the video tutorial if you would like to watch.

I would so recommend you to try this bag, I think you won’t regret.

Happy Crochet!





Yarn: https://amzn.to/4a1lzr6

Crochet hooks (4 mm and 5 mm): https://amzn.to/3JGImO2 https://amzn.to/3UrrsrC


Yarn needle to weave the ends.

Stitch markers

Written instructions:

Making the puff stitch flower:

Using 5 mm crochet hook, 6 sc (single crochet) inside the mc (magic circle)

Tighten the mc, sl st (slip stitch) to close the round.

Make a puff stitch: Ch (chain) 3, double crochet six together (dc6tog) in same stitch (st) 7 loops on hook (yo and pull through all 7 loops)

*Ch 3, sl st to next st. Ch 3  dc6tog in same st 7 loops on hook (yo and pull through all 7 loops). Repeat from * until the end. Total of 6 petals (puff stitches)

Make total of 50 flowers like this.

Connecting the flowers

Connecting the pieces, ch 7 between the connection.  Always connecting from the wrong side, using 4 mm crochet hook.

Connect two flowers together when starting. When you connect, you pick up from the middle of puff sts, and sl st when connecting.

After sl st, ch 7 and continue adding one flower at a time, but you will still connect the current flower’s puff stitch with previous flower’s puff stitch, leave one puff stitch between 2 flowers when adding. You will add 10 flowers together like this.

After connecting 10 flowers together, connect the last flower to the first flower and create a circle. From now on, you will continue adding flowers next round. You will always have 10 flowers in each round.

Continue adding flowers like this for 5 round.

This is the wrong site of the bag.

Still working on the wrong site. At the end of round 5, you will close the end to create bottom for the bag. When you are closing the end, ch 3 instead of ch 7.

2 puff sts in the middle of two flowers

Ch 3 and connect 2 puff sts in the middle of two flowers, and also connect sts that connects two flowers. Continue connecting with sl st all the way to the end (of the bottom).

st that connects two flowers

After done with the bottom of the bag, fasten off and weave the ends. Turn the bag upside down. Now you will work on the right side when making the top part of the bag with the handles.

Making the top part with the handle pieces, using 5 mm crochet hook.

Round 1: Working on spiral. 7 sc inside each ch 7 space (when you make the 4th sc attach the puff st also) 1 sc into each st that connects two flowers.

Sl st to close the round, ch 1

Round 2: 1 sc to each st. 78 sts 

Continue in spiral, without sl st at the end and place a marker to first st.

Round 3: 1 sc to each st. 78 sc

Leave 17 sts in the middle (front and back) and 11 sts on both sides (front and back).

Round 4: 1 sc to 11 sts until the marker, ch 60, connect with 1 sc to the st after the marker

Continue with 1 sc to next 21 sts, ch 60. 1sc to st after the marker, 1 sc to next 10 sts.

Round 5: 1 sc to next 11 sts, 1 sc to each ch (handle),1 sc to next 22 sts, 1 sc to each ch (handle)1 sc to next 11 sts Total sts: 164 sts

44 sts on both sides, 120 sts (both handles)

Rounds 6-9: 1 sc to each st (164 sts). Fasten off and weave the ends.

Video Tutorial:

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