Welcome to my blog- I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Derya, (pronounced dare-ree-ah), and I am an OR nurse, a mother of a teenager, and also a crochet and knitting enthusiast. I also love macrame.

My crochet/knitting passion started when I was a child. I am originally from Turkey, from a small town on the Black Sea, and many there both crochet and knit. I used to go to housewife gatherings with my mom, to her friends homes or in their gardens, and everyone would be having tea and pastries together while crocheting and talking.

I love to crochet and knit in my free time. My job is sometimes stressful, and it is nice to have a hobby that relaxes me. I enjoy thinking of new projects, finding new ways to do different projects, and showing friends my completed projects. I often listen to music or favorite TV shows while I’m crocheting/knitting, or having tea while talking with “my two girls,” who usually hang out with me, sleeping next to my feet. I basically love everything about the process.

Crochet/knitting are very traditional in many parts of the world, and I can see no reason why this tradition should not continue.

I also love to draw, and recently I purchased a 1966 VW van, which is a long term project, to convert into a beautiful camper van. It will definitely have many of my crochet projects.