This week, I have made this beautiful crossbody bag. I started the bag from the bottom and the body part then went up in a continuous spiral. I have always loved crossbody bags. They are easy to cary, you can put a lot of items in there. Hope you like my pattern. Written instructions are below.


100% Medium Weight Cotton Yarn:https://amzn.to/3RHzIE5

Crochet hooks 5 mm: https://amzn.to/46BnDot


Tapestry Needle


Ch: Chain

sc: Single Crochet

dc: double crochet

rsc: reversed single crochet

sl st: Slip stitch

hdc = half double crochet

sc5tog: single crochet 5 together

yo: yarn over

blo: back loop only

scts: single crochet thermal stitch

Notes: Begin crocheting the bag at the bottom, with rectangle shape thermal stitch pattern, and then proceed up the body, crocheting with star stitch pattern, which goes up in a continuous spiral. The top of the bag was finished with a reverse single crochet, which give this bag more visual definition, as well as the preventing the top of the bag, when opened, from curling or drooping.

Written Instructions:

Starting with the bottom of the bag:

Round 1: Ch 31, Starting from the second ch, 1 sc to each st around. 30 sc

Round 2: 1 scts to each st. 30 scts.

Scts: Insert your hook into blo of sc from previous row and into blo of the sc from the row below the previous row. Check out the picture below.

Round 2-16: 1 scts to each st. 30 scts.

Body of the bag:

Round 17: 1 sc to each st of 4 sides. (30×2+60, 16×2=32) 92 sc

Star stitch: Ch 3. Insert your hook into second ch from hook, yo pull up a loop (2 loops on hook). Insert hook into next ch, yo, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook). (Insert your hook into next st, yo, pull up a loop) 3 times (6 loops on hook)
yo, pull through all 6 loops (this completes your sc5tog)
ch 1 (which creates the ‘eye’ or centre of the star)

Round 18: Make star stitches all over the 4 sides. Sl st to close the round.

Round 19: Ch 2, 2 hdc into each ‘eye’ or center of the star except the last one. 1 hdc to last eye of the star. Sl st to close the round.

Repeat rounds 18 and 19, 9 times. (Or, whatever size / length that you desire.)

Round 38- 39: 1 sc to to each st. Sl st to close the end. 78 sc

Round 40: 1 dc to each st. 78 dc

Round 41-42: 1 sc to each st. 78 sc

Round 43: 1 rsc to each st. 78 rsc. Fasten off. Weave the ends.

rsc: reverse single crochet

Making drawstring:

Ch 100. Fasten off.

Insert the drawstring into the 4 middle parts of the bag (inside the dc sts) as pictured below.

Making the strap:

Row 1: Add yarn to one of the far ends. Make 6 sc.

Row 2: Ch 2. Turn your work. 1 dc to each blo. 6 dc.

Row 2-38: 1 dc to each blo. 6 dc.

Connect the strap to the other side of the bag with sc sts.

Done with the bag.

Hope you enjoy making this bag. Feel free to comment on this project, or to ask any questions. Happy crocheting. =:-)

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