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This is a beautiful bag made with raffia paper. It feels soft and elegant and it’s very easy to make it. You can add lining inside the bag or even without it, it would be still nice. Written instructions are below. I have also attached the video tutorial below.

Hope you it!


Raffia ribbon

4mm crochet hook


Yarn needle to weave the ends.

Written instructions:

Making the flower piece

Round 1: Make a magic circle (mc) Chain (ch) 2 make 12 dc (double crochet) inside the mc (ch 2 does not count as dc)

Tighten the mc, slip stitch (sl st) to close the round.

Round 2: Ch 3, dc4tog (double crochet four together) into the same  st (stitch) 5 loops on hook (yo and pull through all 5 loops) – puff st. 

puff stitch

Ch 3, continue making puff sts to each st. You should have 12 puff sts.

At the end of this round, ch 3 and sl st to the top of beginning puff st to close the round.

Sl st to the next ch 3 space.

Round 3:

Ch 3, make 2 dc into the same ch 3 space.

3 dc to next 2 spaces

 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc to next ch 3 space.

Round 3: *3 dc to next 2 spaces, 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc to the next space. Repeat from * until the end of round.

Fasten off. Make total of 18 flowers like this.

Lay your granny squares on a blocking surface before joining together. This will help granny square to be perfectly shaped.

When you join them together, join from the wrong sites.

Join 9 flowers together

Make 2 of this piece

Round 1, Working on 4 sides. Make 1 sc to each st but make 2 dc to the ch 2 spaces on the corners.  176 sts.

Round 2-4, working on 3 sides only. 

Rounds 2-4: 1 sc to each st, ch 1 turn your work.132 sts

Connecting sides of two pieces.

Working on the top part. 

Rounds 1-3: 1 sc to each st around. 90 sts. 

Place a stitch marker to the beginning st.

At the end of round 3, sl st to last 3 sts, ch 1 and fasten off.

Making the handles.Place markers to the 10th st from right and left. (For both front and back of the bag)

Ch 100 fasten off.

Make total of 6 pieces like this.

Make braid from chain pieces (3)

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