Hi Everyone,

Check out my macrame butterfly. It’s so cute and I think you should try it. It’s so quick to make it. Written instructions are below. I have also attached the video tutorial below.


4 cotton ropes 110 inches https://amzn.to/46YMeUA

T-pin or push pin to keep the macrame cord in place. https://amzn.to/3MtkD5B

Written instructions:

Place one piece of the macrame cord in the middle, and keep it in place with a pin.

Connect 3 cords to the middle cord with double half hitch knots

Make double half hitch knots left side- vertically.

Continue making double-half-hitch knots on the left side- 6 times

Double-half-hitch knots on the right side- 6 times

Continue making double-half-hitch knots as seen above- 2 large triangle in the middle (6 rows double-half-hitch knots) 2 small triangles on the both ends (3 rows and 4 rows)

Make square knots with the 4 strings in the middle.

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