This is a wonderful/Stylish decorative basket, it’s light weight, and can be used for anything. Written instructions below. Hope you like it!


5 Bulky / Chunky tape yarn ( , scissors, 5mm crochet hook.( 5 mm Tunisian hook ( tapestry needle.


DC: Double Crochet

ST(S): Stitch (es)

TKS: Tunisian knit stitch

CH: Chain

BLO: Back Loops Only

RSC: Reverse single crochet

Written Instructions:

Row1: With 2 strands of yarn, Ch 15, Starting from the 3rd ch dc each st around: 13 dc

Row 2: Ch 2, dc each st around. 13 dc

Row 2-25: 1 dc each st around. 13 dc.

Going around the rectangle piece, place 2 dc to each corners and 1 dc to rest of the sts. 78 dc (total of 4 sides- 24×2, 15×2)

(total of 4 sides- 24×2, 15×2): 78 dc

Row 26: 1 dc to blo each st around. (78 dc)

Row 27: 1 dc to sts between the dc sts. 78 dc

Row 27-33: 1 dc to sts between the dc sts. 78 dc

Row 34: Ch 1, 1 sc to rsc to each st 78 rsc.


Row 1: Ch 4, 1 tks to each st.

Row 2: 1 tks to each st. (4 loops on hook)

Row 2-44: 1 tks ro each st (always 4 loops on hook)

Weave the handles to the basket with tapestry needle. Done with the basket.

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